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Welcome to the spiritual chat website The Sixth Sense. Where you can chat 24 hours a day with Mediums and Psychics from all over the world. They are able to answer all your questions reliably. You will also find Relationship Coaches, Healers, Therapists. Who are able to help you with all your questions. Before you start a chat. Read "How does it work on The Sixth Sense." Chatting is cheap. Buy credits here. If you start a chat, you accept automatically The Terms and Conditions. If you want to call a Medium or a Psychic? Click here

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Maria: "incredible, very accurate, arlette connected with me at a deep level and was accurate in her reportings of what she found."
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The Phenomenal

I Welcome you into my world of psychic readings. Come experience the difference and embrace the abilities I offer. Special in Love, relationship-marriage-dating, Career.
1 credit p.m.
Tarot cards


Im Maricarmen. I have been working in the paranormal world for almost twenty years. Im a medium and for my consults I make use of the tarot...
1 credit p.m.
Spiritual guidance

Marry Marry

I will tune into the truth of your situation for your healing. I will use intuitive abilities, spiritual guidance and healing to help direct you on your path and help .....
1 credit p.m.
Experienced Light-worker


Experienced Light-worker/ Shadow-worker, a Reiki practitioner and Merkaba-healer, intuitive feeler, and Medium. I can read your vibrations and feelings .....
1 credit p.m.


Astrology, tarot, contact with spiritual guides, dream interpretation, love advice and Relationship specialist, chakra, clairvoyant.
1 credit p.m.

Angel Marry

I have 10 years experience in Love & Relationship,Career,Healing, Dream analysis, Angel Reading Etc. Precise relationship advice without sugar coating. Helps
1 credit p.m.
Highly sensitive
Born empath


Highly sensitive. Born empath. You are welcome with open arms to have a consultation with me if you want to gain insights about situations that bother you
1 credit p.m.
Tarot cards


I am a medium, psychic and life coach. I work with Lenormand cards, Tarot cards, Archetype cards, Astrology and Human Design.
1 credit p.m.

Astro Guru

I'm a psychic, clairvoyant, professional astrologer, numerologist & Tarot card reader with 10 years of experience in guiding people in all kinds of areas of their lives.
1 credit p.m.

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Chatting at the Sixth Sense

We don't easily go to a therapist or coach. It's all too complicated, difficult and too much work. And what can you expect? But this does not make your worries less, rather more. What could be better than having your own time when you want it? You can start a chat from your own home. Where you don't have to leave the house. And you get just as much quality as if you had gone to a coach or counselor.

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Mediums and psychics from all over the world, who speak different languages, are available 24/7. And that for a very cheap rate. You can have a spiritual chat for as little as € 1,- pm. How does that work? Click here to go to the credits page. Buy a few credits and you can start the spirtual chat. 

Why would you keep walking around with worries? While a spiritual chat can provide you with a lot of clarity and insights.